• After the fire is gone

    After the fire is gone is a single channel video as well as a full-scale multimedia installation. The project, which combines performance, sculpture, and low-res video, was exhibited in September 2017 at Microscope Gallery.  The installation version of the piece is currently exhibited at The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse in Miami.

    The work focuses on Dolly Presley, who is discontent with her life in New York City, waiting tables at a greasy spoon while her husband Anton sells life insurance out of a shoebox office in Queens. When Clayton, the love of her life, happens into the diner, Dolly is overcome with nostalgia for her past life with Clayton, the South, and everything she was before she married Anton. The classic structure of a love triangle is played out in a reflexive melodrama. I perform as the three leads: Dolly, her husband Anton, and her long-lost flame, Clayton. Dolly is a private lady. Her emotional state is revealed in her dreams: music videos of country music hits which are populated with sculptures constructed from foam, cardboard, beeswax. Like a true southern belle, she's trained herself to hide her feelings; instead, she sings her heart out only in her dreamscapes to songs such as “Here You Come Again” and “Just Someone I Used to Know”.

    By using tropes of narrative film-making, the project deals with the representation of desire as mediated through television and media. The sculptures serve as grotesque send-ups of people, objects, and places, accentuating the isolation of the character and distorting the all-too-familiar narrative.